Bowling has been enjoyed in Measham since the late 1920’s when a bowling green was established on the Recreation Ground site.

The Club that we know today originated at the end of 1959 when the new turf was laid by the colliery welfare association (CISWO).  This charitable organisation purchased land for sporting activities and laid a green for flat green bowling.

The club was called Measham Social Welfare Club and the first full season of bowling took place in 1960 with just the green and a small wooden pavilion.  Tea facilities and a meeting room were provided by nearby working men’s clubs in Measham.

The following year 1961 a new Measham Social Welfare Club was built on the site and opened by Mr. Joe Gormley, the then president of the Mineworkers Union.  The site quickly became the social and sporting centre of the village and the bowls club used the Welfare Club for teas, meetings and toilet facilities.

In 1986 with the decline on mining, Measham Colliery closed its gate for the last time.

CISWO owned the land and leased it on what was termed ‘a penny rent’ and provided the club with sufficient equipment for the upkeep of the green. From that time we became an independent club, with the local council as our trustees.

It was then named Measham Bowls Club.

With the help of grants, over the years we have improved our club tremendously.  We purchased a second hand pavilion from New Lount Bowls Club in 1991 and had it adapted to the one we are using today.  We began by furnishing it with all second hand tables, chairs, crockery and cutlery and even our kitchen was second hand and installed by members.

The automatic watering system was installed in 2003 with the help of an EBA grant and in 2010 we had the kitchen refurbished and a new ladies changing room built from a converted garage.  In 2014 Pickerings Plant donated a portacabin which was utilised as a gentleman's changing room.

All of this was achieved by lots of hard work by members and grants raised by our then secretary.  Without this we would not be the club we are today.

In 2008 for the first time, Measham had sufficient lady members to become affiliated to the County Ladies Association and in 2010 our ladies reached the quarter finals of two out of the three county competitions entered.

All this has been accomplished whilst gradually building our membership and providing social bowling for all of Measham and surrounding villages.


Please pop along for a chat to any of our members whenever we are on site.


There is ample free parking.


Club Officers
Position Name
President David Allsop
Vice President Graham Bowman
Outdoor Captain John Carter
Vice Captain Bob Walker
Indoor Captain Bob Veness
Ladies Captain Denise Davidson
Hinckley Captain David Allsop
Coalville & District Captain John Hall
Coalville & District Delegate John Hall
Over 60's League Captain David Allsop
Club Competition Organisers Alan & Shelagh Torr
Treasurer Gill Gibbons
Club Secretary Bob Walker
Ladies Secretary Jan Whitehead
Fixture Secretary David Williams
Ladies Fixture Secretary Carol Farrell
Members Secretary Denise Davidson
Training Officer/Coach Geoff Hall
Greenkeeper Alan Torr
Assistant Greenkeeper Harry Beck
Social Secretary Kay Robinson
Bar Manager Margret Bowman
Bar Reserve David Alsop & Gill Gibbons
Catering Manager Shelagh Torr
Management Community Representative Elsie Jeffrey
Childrens Officer Graham Bowman
Welfare Officer Nancy Wright
Tour Committee Harry Beck - Gill Gibbons - Bob Veness